Moms! Take some well deserved time to yourself!
Come on in. Fully unwind. Feel like yourself again.

Sure it’s fun to plan a spa weekend with the girls. And who doesn’t love a relaxing massage when you’re on vacay with the hubby.

But occasional massage won’t combat the ongoing, day to day stress that’s making you tense and uncomfortable and it won’t counteract the long term impact of slumped posture, tight neck and shoulders, repetitive stress and low back pain.

You need ongoing, regular massage as part of your healthy lifestyle to help keep your body feeling good for the long haul.

Don’t wait until you desperately need a massage. Plan ahead! Call today to book your session!

Sessions are limited, call today.

Every session you’ll get:

Time to yourself to relax and unwind
Tension melting away
Immediate relief of pain
A massage with organic hand-crafted herb infused oil
Support for your healthy lifestyle

About Me

HI. I’m lori colombo. When my kids were little, I was depleted, exhausted, cranky and in pain.Family time was all work and no fun. I had no time to myself. My tanks were empty, leaving me with no patience to be the mother and partner I wanted to be. I started Massage For Moms to help moms like you refill and replenish their tanks so you can give your family your best.


Trying to conceive? De-stress your path to pregnancy
Whether you’re doing it naturally or with the help of modern technology, the process of getting pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster. One thing’s for sure, stress and tension can make it harder to conceive. And a lot less fun. The more relaxed you are, the better.


De-stress before you deliver with Prenatal Massage
Massage is a game changer for the aches and pains of pregnancy. When the stress and busy-ness of life and work make your calves and feet hurt, give you low back and hip pain, plus you chronically carry all your tension in your neck and shoulders, you need prenatal massage to help soothe all those aches and pains, so you can fell calm
and relaxed. Better for you and for baby.


Postpartum Massage
When all your time and energy is about taking care of your new little one, it’s a life saver to look forward to some time to yourself to rest and recover. Remember, your baby will thrive with a happy, relaxed mama!
Home visits are available.

Are you a distracted mom that feels rushed all the time?
Is that running list in your head stressing the fun out of you? Here’s the deal, if you think you’re too busy to schedule some downtime, think again! In just 60 minutes, you will completely relax and unwind …stress and tension gone … you will feel wonderful —guaranteed! In just 60 minutes, you’ll be ready to go home and connect with your family, feeling calmer and more present.

Is chronic pain making you grumpy with your partner, kids and coworkers?
It’s probably also making it really hard to go for a run, sleep well, and is overall just bumming you out. It’s time to eliminate the pain and stress that’s keeping you from having the perfect day. Start with your first massage session for immediate relief, then plan on several appointments to fully unwind deep seated chronic neck, shoulder and back tension and feel like yourself again.


Not A Mom? Not a problem.
Massage For Moms welcomes all women.

Massage For Dads
Yes, Massage For Moms does dads too.
Just have a referral from your partner or a friend and you’re in.

Massage For Grammas
Take care of yourself and stay in good shape so you can enjoy those grand babies without annoying back problems to slow you down.

Don’t see yourself here and wondering if we can help?
With over 20 years experience in the healing arts and more than 30 years working with families in the Berkeley area, I’ve seen it all. Give me a call and we’ll figure out if massage can help you too.

Gift Certificates Available

Make her happy. Give her what she really wants. Massage For Moms gift certificates make the perfect gift.


Massage for Mom’s Signature Massage
Massage For Moms full body signature massage is characterized by long, flowing strokes punctuated with deeper detail in areas of tension. The session is tailored to meet your specific needs. Deep tissue and myofascial release available.

60 minute…………………………$95
75 minutes ……………………..$110
90 minutes ……………………..$125

Prenatal Specialty /Postpartum Specialty
Rest on your side, supported by pillows while the discomfort, tension and anxiety inherent during pregnancy is reduced and released.

60 minutes ……………………..$105
75 minutes ……………………. $120
90 minutes ……………………. $135

At Your home
Massage For Moms will travel to your home in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Albany, El Cerrito and Richmond. Minimum for a home visit is 90 minutes for one person, or 2 one hour massages for 2 people.

90 minutes ……………………..$150

Back to back at home
Two massages in one home visit. Great for two mom friends, a mom and her mom or both parents.

60 minute back to back …….$240
75 minute back to back …….$270
90 minutes back to back….. $300

North Berkeley/West Berkeley/Albany At Home Special
If you live within one mile of my North Berkeley home or my West Berkeley office, I will come to your home for a single one hour session. Call to see if you qualify.

60 minutes ……………………..$120
75 minutes ……………………..$135
90 minutess…………………….$150

North Berkeley/West Berkeley/Albany At Home Prenatal/Postpartum
After your baby is born, Massage For Moms will come to your home to nurture you back into balance. Postpartum massage in the first 3 months helps you transition from pregnancy to motherhood and relieves postpartum exhaustion.

60 minutes ……………………..$130
75 minutes ……………………..$145
90 minutes ……………………..$160


Lori Colombo | 510-393-8233

Closed Sunday & Monday



You are astonishingly gifted at intuitive touch and body clairvoyance. I’m incredibly lucky to have met you. —B.G.

I came to Lori at the beginning of a year-long exploration to improve my heath and wellness. My goals included re-adjusting a rib that was out of place, improving my diet and gut health, and reducing stress. I am a busy mom who works full-time so my efforts to improve health have to be targeted and effective. Lori was a perfect partner and champion for me in my journey. —T.V.

Lori is knowledgable, caring and an all-around delight. I am grateful for her support in helping me maintain health and comfort in my body. I highly recommend Lori!

Lori is a key partner and champion in my journey to improve my heath and wellness. In addition to being a skilled masseuse —I leave every appointment feeling nimble, deeply relaxed and at peace with the world — Lori is an insightful health coach who understands people and how to help them set and achieve manageable goals. Lori’s extensive knowledge and her caring style have helped me become healthier and more comfortable in my body. I highly recommend Lori! —TOVA

The massage was incredibly good medicine and my forearms feel significantly better. —L. M.

You’re a precious gem, tender hearted and devoted to what you believe in. —R.P

Thanks for another magic massage. Im out of pain and slept super well. —KG

Every time a friend gets pregnant I share your contact information! You saved me during my pregnancy! —NICOLE CHURCHILL

Every massage is the best massage and this one was the best one yet! —GAIL LAFORGE

Lori…. thanks again for all you do. I always feel back in balance mentally and physically after seeing you. —B.D.

I have to say, the experience was wonderful. You truly have a gift. Thank you very much. —B.G