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The 5 Essentials of Bodycare

The 5 Essentials of Bodycare

Feel better in your 40’s than you did in your 20’s and 30’s

I have always been interested in being healthy, looking great and feeling wonderful.

I understood from a very young age that when you make healthy lifestyle choices it is reflected in how you look and feel in your body.

When I became a mom, it became even more important for me to be healthy and feel great because I care about my health and the health of my family.

I also had a clear vision of my life as a mom.

I didn’t expect that I would be exhausted, cranky, irritable and sick so often. Every time I got into a groove of exercising, (what I believed was) eating well, and doing fun and interesting things with my kids, I would inevitably get a sore throat and lose steam. It sucked. Feeling run down and depleted all the time made it really hard to be the mom I wanted to be. Sound familiar?

So I went searching for how I could feel better.

I tried different ‘diets’; high carb/low fat diet, high protein/no fat/no carbs diet, macrobiotic, raw, veggie, vegan- still exhausted.

I tried many different healing modalities; yoga, acupuncture, dance journeys, cleanses, caffeine, no caffeine, chocolate and scores of different herbs, and nothing gave me the deep sustainable energy I needed to feel truly renewed and revitalized.

So now in my 40’s, I feel better than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Why? Because I finally figured out the right ways to nurture and nourish myself to feel renewed and revitalized.

I created Massage For Moms to make is super easy and convenient for you to nurture and nourish yourself so you can feel revitalized for the demands of parenting.

 Here’s a simple framework for your healthy lifestyle.

The 5 Essentials of Bodycare

Nourish and Hydrate Your Body From The Inside Out

I have tried many different approaches to eating for weight management, good health and most importantly – sustained, good feeling energy. Through both my personal experience and my professional research I have learned that a whole foods, organic, low glycemic diet is the best approach to eating.

Here in Berkeley, Ca where I live, eating whole, organic foods is pretty standard . People understand that organic foods are better for your body, the environment and have better flavor. People also understand that whole foods have more nutritional value than processed foods.

Most people don’t know about low glycemic eating, and yet that has been the missing puzzle piece for me to easily getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, staying there and most importantly having sustained good feeling energy.

Imagine your car’s fuel gage. If you’re like me, you fill your gas tank all the way up to full and run the car all the way down to empty before you re-fuel again.

High glycemic eating is like that. You eat a high glycemic meal that brings your blood sugar way, way up to full. Your body produces a whole bunch of insulin to deal with all the sugar in your body and stores it as fat. Then 2 hours later your fuel supply drops to empty and you need to refuel with another high glycemic meal that brings your tank back up to full again. Doing this all day every day leads to health issues ranging from weight gain that you cannot shake especially around your middle, to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more.

Low glycemic eating is keeping your ‘tank’ around the midpoint all day. So you eat a low glycemic meal and you bring your tank to a little above the midline. Several hours later, your blood sugar has dropped to a little below the midline and it’s time for a low glycemic snack. That brings your blood sugar a little above the midline again. A couple of hours later your blood sugar drops slightly below the midline again and it’s time for another low glycemic meal. It’s that gentle up and down of your blood sugar that will give your body the sustained energy you need throughout the day. Your stabilized blood sugar will also maintain your body’s proper hormonal balance and you will then easily maintain a healthy weight. (No more muffin top!)

Nourish and Hydrate Your Body From The Outside In

Just as we need to nourish and hydrate from the inside out with an organic, whole foods,  low glycemic diet and lots of water, we also need to nourish and hydrate from the outside in with a skincare line that is formulated to meet your skin’s health needs with no chemical preservatives, toxic ingredients and essential oils. 

 To learn more read my healthy skin page and come to a health and wellness spa party and revive your skin with our skincare line that is formulated to meet your skin’s health needs without adding to your body’s toxic load.

Take Your Vitamins

Another essential to feeling consistently renewed and revitalized is to take high quality supplements that are formulated to nutrient and protect the cells of your body.

In herb school, I was taught not to take vitamins because they don’t break down and don’t get absorbed, whole vitamins accumulating in your digestive tract- yuck. And it’s true, most supplements on the market are ineffective at best.

I was looking for a way to feel vibrant in my own body and I was also looking for a way to help other moms be healthy and feel great in addition to the bodywork I offer.

I was invited to a workshop and was introduced to Team Northrup founded by Dr Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Body Women’s Wisdom and their product partner, Usana Health Sciences. I learned about Dr Wentz, the leading expert in cellular nutrition and the supplements he formulated to nutrient and protect the cells of your body. I instantly knew I found the missing link for my own health and the health of my family. I also knew this was exactly what I wanted to bring to my community, a high quality vitamin that is so effective it actually improves the way you feel. I felt the difference immediately, when that old familiar feeling in my throat alerting me to another cold showed up, and I stayed well. Nothing else has given me the deep support and sustainable energy that the Usana supplements do. The most vibrant people I know are the people who are committed to taking these supplements religiously. Out of all of these lifestyle habits, it is absolutely the easiest one to fit into your life and to maintain long term.

To get a personalized health plan, click here and take the True Health Assessment now.

Engage in Joyful Movement

Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle includes exercise, but it has to be something that you will actually do and it is even better if you enjoy doing it. Even walking 1/2 hour every day has been shown to improve your overall health and wellbeing dramatically.

There are lots of ways to make your exercise a part of your life with kids.

I felt really awful in my body right after I gave birth and I hung onto excess weight until after my kids were weaned. So I made exercise a priority, mostly because it made me feel better. When my son was 3 months old, there was a crew of us that did step aerobics at the Y weekday mornings while all our babies were in childwatch. Now all those kids have graduated High School and we’re all still there at step class.  I also pushed a stroller all over town. In my bodywork practice, I frequently coach parents about different ways to fit exercise in;  Mama/baby yoga classes, family swim, jogging strollers, early morning fitness group, tag team parenting- one hangs out with the kids while the other goes for a run, then you switch or work from home days that include exercise class or a swim. With a little creativity and finesse, it’s completely do-able.

Rest, Relax, Enjoy

This is a huge category, I know.

It includes getting enough sleep having regular massages, going on dates with your partner, spending time alone, spending time doing things you enjoy with your family, meditating- all of that and more.

There is no way that you will be a happy healthy mom if you are not sleeping. There is also no way to be a happy healthy mom if you are spending all your time working, doing chores and driving carpool. Life is supposed to be fun. Make it a priority to do the things that thrill you and take a nap when you can.


Last but not least- having some kind of effective bodywork sessions regularly is essential.

I put bodywork as number 5 because the other 4 you will do every day or almost every day. The only person I know of that had a massage everyday was Bob Hope (who lived to be a vibrant 100, by the way!) Even a weekly session can feel indulgent. But having hands on treatments regularly with a skilled practitioner will absolutely help you feel restored and renewed in a way that nothing else will. I see it every day in my practice.

 Massage For Moms is a total body care solution for you.

The 5 Essentials of Bodycare provides the framework. Then I’ve got the tools for you; The Get Your Body Back program for low glycemic eating, the Usana Essentials, Healthpac or  personalized My Healthpac to nutrient the cells of your body, the Nutricosmetics for beautiful skin, and consistently effective bodywork to revitalize you. I promise you will feel better in your 40’s than you ever did before, like I do.

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