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Nutritional Packages

Nutritional Packages

Take your vitamins

One of the 5 Essentials of Bodycare is to take your vitamins. In order to feel consistently renewed and revitalized you need to take high quality supplements that are formulated to nutrient and protect the cells of your body.

Massage For Moms has partnered with women’s wellness pioneer, Dr Christiane Northrup (Oprah’s favorite OB) and the top health sciences company to bring you the highest quality and top rated supplements on the market that literally nutrient and protect your cells (you can’t get them at Whole Foods or at Costco). Optimal nutrition is the best way to help you achieve the wellness you want and these multivitamins, plus the ‘extras’ make it super easy and convenient to be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to keep you and your family healthy.

As a Massage For Moms client, you never have to pay retail for your health products. All prices shown are wholesale prices.

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Moms on the Go

If you are like me, you want to feel great in your body and have more than enough energy for the endless tasks of parenting. This is the most effective tool I’ve found. (It’s also the best anti aging approach I’ve found). Products can be purchased online and are conveniently delivered right to your door.

The Essential Multivitamins

Our cell health and protective system are the highest quality, top rated, essential antioxidants, vitamins and chelated minerals that sustain cellular health. All prices shown are wholesale prices. Tax and shipping not included.

The Essentials    $52.95/month
AM & PM Packs $64.25/month

The Basic Healthy Mom Package

The Essentials and Pure Fish Oil  $75.90/month
Convenient AM & PM Packs         $89.48/month

The Working Mom Package

The Essentials, Pure Fish Oil and Vitamin D      $96.35/month
Convenient AM & PM Packs                            $96.98/month

The Ultra Healthy Mom Package

The Essentials, Highly Absorbed Calcium, Antioxidant booster with Resveritrol
Convenient AM & PM Packs Only                        $130.95/month
with Pure Fish Oil bottle add                               $22.95
with Probiotics add                                            $26.95

The Pre/Post Natal Mom

Healthy Mama Healthy Baby Package

Baby care Essentials, Pure Fish Oil and Highly Absorbed Calcium Plus
Bottles Only                                                             $95.85/month

Healthy Mama Healthy Baby Package Chewable Alternative

The Essentials, Pure Fish Oil and Chewable Calcium : Bottles Only       $101.85

(both packages contain 1070mg calcium/day)

Moms on the Run

If you are an athlete mom, you need to be sure that you have the extra cellular nutrition for endurance and quick recovery from  your workout so you can maintain your stamina for parenting. You also want to reduce the risk of injury and inflammation as a result of overuse, fatigue and oxidative stress that comes from excessive exercise. And with more than 600 professional and elite athleltes who trust their health to these supplements exclusively, you’ll be in good company.

The Runner’s Pack

The Essentials, Pure Fish Oil, Joint Formula with glucosamine and turmeric, Supercharged Grapeseed Extract
Convenient AM &PM Packs Only     $167.35/month
Add Calcium                                   $184.63/month

The Personalized Pack

Take the True Health Assessment for a personlized lifestyle and nutrition plan

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Yummy and Convenient Nutritional Snacks

Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, a mom on the go, or a mom on the run you need to fill your diet with high quality and nutritionally balanced snacks. Our high fiber, low glycemic protein shakes and delicious nutrition bars make getting snacks an meal replacements easy and convenient.

Our yummy shakes are a good form of digestible protein and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. It’s the perfect post workout recovery drink or a great way to get the extra calories you need when you’re pregnant or nursing. Comes in gluten free chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or my personal favorite gluten and soy free Chocolate whey. Low glycemic nutrition bars are available too. Snack bars are high protein, gluten free Peanutty Bliss, Choco Chip, Fudge Delite.

1 package of shakes with flavor optimizer/14 servings              $42.90
BPA free blender bottle                           $8.25
1 box of nutrition bars/14 bars each         $33.50

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