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My Mission

The Massage For Moms’ mission is two-fold. The first goal is to encourage all women, especially mothers to take care of themselves. The second is to re-place massage into the realm of the healing arts and preventive care.

As women, we tend to put our needs after the needs of others. There is selflessness inherent in motherhood. We share our bodies with our babies, we put our professional lives on hold, we arrange our schedules around the needs of our children – and we should! Our children need that kind of support in order to thrive.

Putting your own well-being in the forefront along with the needs of family and community serves to strengthen everyone. You can only give our best when you are feeling your best. Our children benefit from having parents that feel good and who are role models for healthy living.

In our culture massage is often seen as a “pampering”.  Pampering suggests something unnecessary and superfluous. At Massage For Moms, the philosophy is that massage is more in line with eating well, exercising, optimal supplementation, relaxation and pleasure. The benefits of bodywork are an essential part of your well-being. Not only does massage offer stress relief and pain relief, but it also stimulates the blood and lymph flow that keeps your body well. Massage is preventative medicine, which is the best approach to health. Massage feels good and is good for you.

Massage as a Mind/Body Modality

Massage serves your physical body and the treatment benefits your muscles, skin, connective tissue and circulation. There is, however a somatic aspect to massage as well. Stress and chronic holding patterns solidify as tension in your muscles. Memories are stored in your tissue. Trauma is imprinted on your cells. Your body is alive with your consciousness. At Massage for Moms my intention is to be mindful of the consciousness that inhabits each body. I stay present with my hands and heart to listen to your breath, soft tissue and your body’s energy and  allow for the unfolding of self-awareness within. This journey is different for each person.

Nurturing the Nurturer

As parents, we love and nurture our children and partners. We pour ourselves into our work. Massage for Moms offers time-out for parents and especially women – to replenish and renew and to feel nourished and nurtured so you can be the best parent you can be.

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