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Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy not only releases tight hips and soothes sore feet but has a host of benefits for you and your baby. too. Prenatal massage facilitates many physiological processes which then supports your body in the huge task of making a healthy baby.

During the massage, you rest on your side, supported by pillows while the discomfort, tension and anxiety inherent during pregnancy is reduced and released. Feel more open at at-ease in your body, while having more space for your growing baby. And every massage will deeply relax you into a blissful state which also increases the well-being of you and your baby.

Full term massage includes pressure points for inducing labor upon request.

Prenatal Rates

studio/home visits
1 hour  $100/$120
1 hour 15 minutes  $115/$135
1 hour and 1/2  $130/$150

Prenatal Packages

studio / home
3 sessions
60 minutes $290/$350
75 minutes $335/$395
90 minutes $380/$440

5 sessions
60 minutes $480/$580
75 minutes $555/$655
90 minutes $630/$730


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