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Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

Mama and Baby

Some women are blessed with super easy pregnancies, gain little or no ‘extra’ weight, have orgasmic labor and deliveries and babies that sleep through the night. Most of us however, feel starving, nauseous and exhausted during our first trimester, achy and uncomfortable in our second and before the 40th week arrives we are tired of waddling, while carrying an extra 40 pounds and just can’t wait to meet the little being in our bellies. All of us though have the same goal- to give birth to a happy, healthy baby!

Massage For Moms is here to help!

My goal is keep you comfortable, relaxed and well nourished so that your body can do it’s job of growing your beautiful baby!

Pregnancy and Massage

Massage during pregnancy not only releases tight hips and soothes sore feet but has a host of benefits – for both you and your baby, too. Prenatal massage facilitates many physiological processes which then support your body in the HUGE task of making a healthy baby. And every massage will deeply relax you into a blissful state which also increases the well-being of you and your baby. Massage For Moms will massage you into bliss, support your body’s natural processes, alleviate your discomfort and ease the aches and pains inherent during pregnancy so you can feel wonderful in your body.

Postpartum Care

The process begins with a series of hormonal shifts that takes you through hours of labor and delivery and turns you into a breastfeeding mom with a newborn. Massage For Moms comes to your home to nurture you back into balance after your baby is born.

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

Did you know….

  • adequate amounts of calcium, up to 1500mg per day, reduces your risk of high blood pressure, hypertension and preeclampsia in pregnancy?
  • getting enough zinc helps ensure a full term pregnancy?
  • optimal amounts of selenium decreases your risk of breast infection while nursing?
  • high DHA levels from fish oil can help prevent postpartum depression and childhood asthma?
  • 3 out of 9 prenatal vitamins release only 75% of it’s folic acid and many fish oil supplements have contaminants like mercury?

Massage For Moms has partnered with Women’s Wellness Pioneer, Dr. Christiane Northrup (Oprah’s favorite OB) and the top rated health sciences company to bring you the highest quality supplements on the market (you can’t get them at Whole Foods or at Costco). It is the absolute easiest way to be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to keep you and your baby happy and healthy. And it’s conveniently delivered right to your door.

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