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Lori’s Bio

Lori Colombo | Massage For MomsAbout Lori Colombo

I’m Lori Colombo and I am passionate about health, wellness and healing.

The title massage therapist or masseuse has always felt too limiting, not truly reflecting the work I do. I prefer the word sobadora which refers to a curandera or one who practices the healing arts, who’s gift is massage. The work I do is more than massage. I offer a holistic approach to health that uses healing bodywork along with nutritional and lifestyle support.

I’ve always navigated my life by following my spiritual breadcrumbs. This led me to leaving New York, traveling my way across the country and landing in the Bay Area and my little house in Berkeley. It led me into early childhood education, motherhood and the amazing Montessori community where I worked and educated my son and daughter from the toddler years through 6th grade. And it led me into the healing arts.

I am committed to conscious eating, an active lifestyle and my meditation practice.
I am a dedicated mama with years of experience as an early childhood educator.
I studied, trained and earned certification in Montessori Early Childhood Education, yoga, massage and bodywork, anatomy, physiology, western herbs and most recently as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
I am a lifelong learner with an insatiable desire for personal growth.

As owner of Massage For Moms I continually integrate my life experiences and accumulated knowledge in order to help women, especially mothers, be healthy, look great and feel wonderful in their bodies.