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I carry stress in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Lori knows exactly how to tap into those places. Receiving regular massages from Lori relieves the pain and helps me relax so I can focus on taking care of my two children.   

– Kathryn O.

As a long time client, I find that Lori’s work is incredibly effective in releasing my muscles and the tension in my body. Each session is refreshing and relaxing. Even with the demands of juggling family and a high stress career, I feel consistently rejuvenated after every session with Lori.

– Nikki V.

Massage for Moms

Massage For Moms

Whether it’s in the comfort of your home or the convenience of my studio, Every massage session provides the space for you to take a break and be nurtured while you rest and relax. You can take the time to be still and quiet, connect back into yourself or share your joys and concerns. I understand parenting – I have been there too.

60 minute/75 minute/90 minute

Home Massage

Massage For Moms travels to homes in the Berkeley area. Further locations may incur an additional fee.


Studio Massage

Friday and Saturdays


Location – 2236 A 6th St Berkeley

Full Body Massage

Massage For Moms full body massage is my signature massage characterized by long, flowing strokes punctuated with deeper detail in areas of tension. The session is tailored to meet your specific needs. Each massage is a deeply relaxing and healing experience. Circulation is stimulated as you melt away into a meditative state. You resurface transformed, feeling physically and emotionally balanced. Abdominal massage available upon request.

Deep Bodywork

For chronic pain and tension patterns, deep bodywork slowly releases muscles to restore blood, lymph and energy flow lost from physical injury, emotional trauma and everyday stress. This can be focused on one particular area or throughout the body, based on your individual needs. Abdominal massage available upon request.

Herbal Oils

I handcraft organic herb infused oils for every massage.

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