Mama/Baby Quotes

I started massage with Lori while doing IVF, and it helped me immensely. The IVF process is intense, with continuous doctor visits, ultrasounds, and injections. Having that time with Lori to just relax and feel good in my body became very precious and important. It perfectly counteracted the stress that builds up in a rigorous medical process. Because Lori specializes in moms and expectant moms, she knew just how to be gentle with my changing body. My IVF was successful — and Lori’s massages continue to be an incredible gift.

– Kathy
Berkeley, CA

“I started taking these vitamins as soon as I found out I was pregnant–they met nearly all my prenatal nutrition needs. I immediately noticed feeling better, healthier skin, and stronger hair and nails! It was a remarkable difference. Now I continue to use the supplements as I breastfeed. I can’t imagine stopping them–they ensure I get all the nutrients and minerals I need to recover, provide for my infant, and feel strong.”

– Nicki
Clinical Psychologist, New Mom