From my Clients…

Lori is a rare find amongst massage therapists. She intuitively finds the perfect amount of pressure – never too intense, yet not too light – to release and rejuvenate my tight, tired muscles. All of this in the professional, relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere she creates.

– Christine Bourgeois Donnelly
Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

I always think of my sessions with Lori as my monthly gift to myself.
– Jade T.


Welcome to Massage For Moms 

Bodywork and Bodycare

For Immediate Relief & Long Term Solutions For Your Healthy Lifestyle

Lori & Hannah Massage For Moms Are you a busy mom?

 Do you hold most of your tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders?

 Do you want to balance your own selfcare with your busy schedule?                                                                                                                            If you answered yes then it’s time to take a time out!

You love being a mom, but the demands of parenting can be stressful and physically exhausting. You work, you manage a household, you exercise and you care for your family. It’s a lot.

You need stress relief, you need pain relief  and you need support for your healthy lifestyle.

Massage For Moms is here to help. When you take time out to nurture and nourish yourself on a regular basis, you feel revitalized and have the energy you need to do get things done and enjoy your time with your kids.  Every mama feels so much better after every massage and takes home tools to continue feeling great- and you will too!

 Call now 510.393.8233 to schedule your massage and feel renewed.

 Because moms like you want:
  • Consistently effective and healing bodywork with a skilled practitioner.
  • Appointments in the comfort of your home or the convenience of my West Berkeley studio- your choice.
  • A specialist in prenatal and postpartum care.
  • Tools and support to get your eating back on track.
  • High quality health products that you can trust.
  • Ease and convenience.
  • Gift certificates available

Do this, because taking care of yourself if the best thing you can do for your family.

Start now with a restorative massage. Call 510.393.8233 or email to book your session.

Massage For Moms welcomes all women and men by referral.

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